Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday night

Kitchen is clean enough and I got some exercise too. First I vacuumed and then cleaned the floor on my hands and knees with a rag. I also cleared off and cleaned all the counters, etc. I'll let them pull the refrigerator out tomorrow. I see that the manager has posted notices everywhere announcing that the kitchen water line for the apartments directly above and below me will be shut down from noon till 3:00.

Now it's time to relax.

The doctor told me today that the new recommendation for a follow-up gastroscopy for the Barrett's is now seven years--it used to be less. But he wants to do it sooner. Does that perhaps have something to do with why Miami has the highest health care costs in the country? (See here.) Or, if his practice is not a so-called "profit center," is he just afraid of being sued? (Or all of the above?) (BTW, my primary care physician does not carry professional liability insurance and posts a notice to that effect in the office waiting room.) (He's also a lawyer.)

On that note--some people are calling for tort reform to go along with Obama's new health plan. This is from a doctor commenting at The Wall Street Journal's Health Blog:

Tort reform will be necessary and automatic once single payer interstate health insurance based on medicare is instituted. Common medical records software will analyze outcomes and rate doctors and hospitals based on their value and success in maintaining health, surgery, medical cures. Outcomes will allow a free market compeition which will in turn improve quality, productivity, efficiency and decrease prices. The lawyers will need to be kept away from this outcome data in order to use it for the common good which is improving the performance of doctors and hospitals. If the lawyers have access, all underperforming doctors and hospitals will be sued and we’ll be unable to approach these individuals or insitutions with suggestions for improving their practices and performance. The common billing software and electronic medical records software will also allow early recognition and response to bio and nuclear emergencies, which is a good thing in this dangerous world we live in.

I'm looking forward to having my ice maker working tomorrow, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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