Saturday, June 20, 2009

Early Saturday morning

I'm glad this week is over, but that's usually the case. I just don't like people invading my space, even when I consent to it. A man's home is his castle, right? Here's a tidbit from Australia:

The saying “A man’s home is his castle” came from England and is a very precise description of the way people subconsciously feel about their homes. Everyone wants to see their house as a comfortable and safe shelter, where they can hide from wild forces of nature.

I think it's interesting that the third amendment to the U.S. Constitution (part of the Bill of Rights--the first ten amendments) "prohibits the government from using private homes as quarters for soldiers during peacetime without the consent of the owners." And the fourth amendment says "[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated . . . ." (From Wikipedia.) In other words, we don't much care for people invading our space. I'm glad the plumber did what he had to do and I look forward to the inspections being over (I hate being here when the inspectors are here). Then I'll reclaim the kitchen for myself and finish it off. It'll be fantastic. I think I might change the handles to something simpler, however, but I'll put in the backsplashes, etc. before I make that decision.

I think I'm going to try to quit smoking. I bought some generic Nicorette gum at Walgreen's but don't know whether I'm ready. Meanwhile I'll talk to my doctor about it next month when I have a routine appointment. I've smoked off and on (usually on) for years. I wonder if Obama sneaks a cigarette every now and then. He'd said he wouldn't smoke in the White House (but it has a big lawn).

I would quit smoking for the following reasons: (1) my health, (2) my cats' health, since they live with the second-hand smoke, even though I try to keep it away from them. I would like to do whatever I can to avoid medical problems in the future. There's also a consideration about the cost of cigarettes (which has gone up), although I smoke cheap, locally made cigarettes (ultra-light, mind you*). There's also the fact that my health insurance company charges extra for smoking (which amount is deducted from my paycheck). (But what about people who are overweight or who engage in certain risky sports? I don't think they pay extra. Also, I take public transportation and am at less risk for being injured in a traffic accident (whether I'm talking on my cell phone or not). Maybe I should get a credit for that. (Are you kidding?))

At any rate, I'm glad the weather is getting less conducive to going over to Starbucks and reading and smoking while sipping hot coffee or tea.

I did serious shoulder exercises at the gym tonight and didn't have a twinge of pain from the left shoulder that had the calcium deposit that was jabbed with the big needle by the orthopedic surgeon a few weeks ago. (Again I'll say, OUCH!)

Looking forward to calling my father on Father's Day. I haven't talked to him since his birthday in March. Meanwhile I sent him a really nice Father's Day card. I sent it early since I'd sent his birthday card late. He and his wife are retired up in Homosassa, FL.

*If I smoke a regular cigarette, it makes me dizzy.

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