Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday night

After work I took a nap and went to the gym. And afterwards to Publix to pick up some of their fried chicken. I hadn't had it in a while. It must have just come out of the fryer, since it was absolutely delicious. I had a breast and it was still hot and juicy. The breasts are my favorite piece only when they're fresh out of the fryer. Otherwise I prefer wings and legs. (I'll cut up the thighs for Bootsy and/or make chicken salad.)

While I was napping I had a dream about a plumbing job. The plumber was supposed to come and fix something while I was out of the house. I came home (not this place) and noticed there was a form-fitting stainless steel cover over the steel sink. I didn't even know I had one, and I thought, what do you know, how tidy. Then I looked down under the sink (the cabinet door was open or else there wasn't one) and noticed the disposer was missing. Then I looked up on the counter and saw it sitting back there in a clear plastic box. I thought, what the hell, what happened now!? So the plumber's going to have to come back another day, and meanwhile I can't use the kitchen sink! Right about then, the alarm clock went off.

(When the real plumber was here last fall, he first told me he couldn't install the new disposer I'd just bought, since the bottom of the disposer was lower than the trap--then, as you can see, he made it work.) (But see here.*) (You can also see, top left, the hole the cabinet guys had to chew in the cabinet so that the plumber could do what he had to do up there--install a new valve or something.) (You can click on the photo to enlarge, if you're interested.) (The blue thing is the detergent container for the built-in detergent pump on the counter.)

Meanwhile, today I called the Home Depot general contractor and they'll call me back on Monday about scheduling a final plumbing inspection, probably for sometime next week. As I said, I don't have to be home for that.

After eating the chicken, I did go over to Starbucks with the latest New Yorker, which came in the mail today, and had a green tea, despite it being warm and muggy outside. I didn't linger there long.

(I wonder why the text isn't wrapping around the photo.)

*The plumber and I actually discussed this phenomenon. I said I thought that the force from the disposer would keep the trap clear. (But what do I know?) (So far, so good, however.) (This doesn't seem to be a major thing, but knock on wood.)

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