Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday evening

Back from the gastroenterologist. He said I have "Barrett's" and I asked what's that? (For the full answer, see here.) In my case (as I understand it), it's a result of having had acid reflux disease. The bottom of the esophagus,where it joins the stomach, becomes lined with acid-resistant cells which do carry a risk of developing into cancer. He said to keep taking the Prilosec and have another gastroscopy in three years. I also had one precancerous polyp and will undergo another colonoscopy also in three years (the two procedures will be done together, as they were recently).

As the doctor explained, one out of 10 people with acid reflux develop Barrett's.

Well, the Home Depot plumber is coming here tomorrow between noon and 3:00 to fix the water line to the fridge. I won't be here. I talked with the building manager today and she said she'll be available to let the plumber in and out of my apartment. Today she had to cast doubt once again on Home Depot's installation of the water line last fall. I played dumb, saying I wouldn't know anything since I wasn't a plumber (and neither is she, by the way). I'm glad I'll be out of the picture tomorrow--she and the plumber can hash things out between themselves. Tonight I'm going to do some cleaning and tidying up in the kitchen, so no gym.

In Firefox, when you open a new window, Firefox automatically creates a tab for it on the tab bar. A good feature which I'm getting used to.

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