Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday night late

Had a long talk with my friend in Canada tonight.

Regarding the post immediately below (and others). Perhaps as I've said better elsewhere: it's nice for Obama to try to get everyone involved. But the opposition is not going to play nice (and has already shown that). The people who own them are going to have to change their way of doing business in a health care environment with a "public option," and they're going to fight that with everything they've got. So no more being nice if we're going to get a health care system that works for everybody and cuts unnecessary costs.

It's a drain on our economy (not to mention being immoral and unethical) for doctors to expose patients to unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures for profit (or otherwise), and for the drug companies to price drugs in a way that bears no relation to their cost of producing them (R&D included). They're just gouging you and the insurance companies and the government health agencies--for profit's sake. Stop it now!

Contact Congress here. Contact Senators here.

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