Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday night

Watching "Real Estate Intervention." (See here.) I saw it last week and liked it. "Renovation Realities" is next (which is basically a comedy show).

Did have a burrito at Lime earlier. The beef was back. The last one I had was a whole lot of lettuce.

Went grocery shopping afterward at the Publix down the way, then back home to do laundry, clean the cat boxes, etc. Talked to my lawyer friend with the schizophrenic BF and the erstwhile paralyzed dog. Dog is doing fine but doesn't like the heat. She sleeps by an A/C vent these days. It didn't rain in Broward today as it did here--it was 100 degrees in Pompano, a couple of blocks north of where my friend lives. That's not a normal temperature for Florida. My friend and I are both Miami natives (and belong to the same church downtown) (although we no longer attend church) and we remember it didn't use to be so hot here. I remember that getting above 90 was rare (a "heat wave"), and now we're above 90 all the time these days in the summer. My friend said it was 96 in Miami today. (He watched the news.) I believe it. When I took the elevator downstairs and went outside to go to Starbucks, I was almost bowled over by the heat and humidity (and then the thunderstorm rolled in, thank goodness). I always welcome the rain here in the summer. It cools the place down.

My friend and I discussed Firefox and he acknowledged it was the industry standard nowadays. I'm very happy with it and my system is running like I have a brand-new computer (and it's 6-7 years old). All that malware is gone. And Firefox is fast and doesn't use a lot of memory. My friend in Canada said my blog comes up more quickly on his system now (he's been using Firefox for a couple of months).

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