Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday evening

The ice-maker and water dispenser are back up and running. Yea! I'd missed a cell phone call at around 2:45 from the front desk here and had a message saying Home Depot was here. I immediately called back, telling them the manager or maintenance person was to let them up to my apartment. They were already on top of it. So apparently that went well. I'll call the manager tomorrow and ask her whether she talked to the plumber about the proper "compression coupling." (Sounds like I should have had a copper water line vs. a plastic one, but I had no trouble with the old plastic one. And I was never given a choice between plastic and copper.) (Sears installed the first (plastic) line.)

I do remember the plumber griping last fall that the water line Home Depot had had me buy was too flimsy and he showed me a more preferable, thicker plastic line. (But the plumber griped about everything.)

Tomorrow I'll call the general contractor so they can schedule the final plumbing inspection. I don't need to be here for that either, but I'd like to be around for the final general inspection.

Today for lunch I skipped the gumbo and ordered a bowl of scallop bisque and a barbecued chicken breast sandwich (comes topped with bacon and Cheddar cheese) and French fries. The piece of chicken breast was enormous. There was almost as much chicken outside the bun as under the bun. Don't need to eat dinner tonight.

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