Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday night

Salon editor Joan Walsh is on Rachel Maddow tonight, talking about the social consequences of right-wing hate speech, etc. (Go watch the segment on She's really good on TV, which I guess is why she's such a popular guest on the shows. She's articulate and fearless.

Bootsy got his ears treated tonight. I got a nap earlier (first in days). I was alarmed when I listened to a Magic Jack message when I got home--Security calling, saying there was a problem with my water heater. I immediately ran to the water heater closet, checking for water on the floor. (Bone dry.) I even went downstairs and talked to the security guard. It turned out the message was from Saturday, when the water heater pipe was leaking. I wonder why I'm just now getting the message. (Maybe the malicious software had something to do with it.)

Bone dry is good.

Got the new Harper's Magazine in the mail today. There's a big story comparing Obama to Herbert Hoover (one of the "best and brightest" of his time) and how his policies failed to help the country out of the Great Depression. Interesting thesis. Didn't finish reading the article at Starbucks, where I was having a green tea. I hope Obama is clued in on it. People are expecting a lot of Obama and he's got to hang tough. I happen to think he is. He knows now (and probably suspected already) that reaching out to the opposition will get him nowhere (a nice gesture, but these people don't play nice). They want everything he does to fail. They certainly won't countenance a public option for health care. They've already been corrupted by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. At the expense of the country's health.

The U.S. spends more money per person on health care than any country in the world, and yet is the least healthy among the advanced countries (and even some of the less advanced countries). Meanwhile we have tens of millions of people with no access to health care at all (except the emergency room in a hospital). Do something!

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