Sunday, June 28, 2009

Republicans Still Dubious About Voting For Senate Health Reform Bill

Via Firedoglake here.

This New York Times article, Little Hope For GOP to Support Health Bill, illustrates the problem with bipartisanship and getting Republican votes. It's like people haven't paid attention to the GOP votes against the stimulus bill, against the ACES bill, and against the S-CHIP bill. Why would they vote for the health bill out of the Senate Finance Committee after showing such a consistent pattern of votes against President Obama's agenda?

And do we really expect them to break form when it comes to health care reform? Not really. And here's a quote from Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina in the NYT article that explains why it's a fool's errand to water down essential legislation for the benefit of a couple of GOP votes, when we might not even get these votes at all.

Asked how many Senate Republicans could sign on to developing Democratic plans, Senator Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, author of a Republican alternative, said: “I think right now, none. Zero.” . . .

See here too.

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