Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday night

I was busy tonight. Got tacos and a burrito at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. I tried the habanero sauce on the burrito and it was HOT. It burned my mouth so bad that I couldn't taste the food, so I ended up scraping it off. (Brought some leftovers home.) Afterwards I shopped at the Publix. Spareribs were on sale, so I got some of those and will boil them with caraway seeds, juniper berries, sauerkraut, etc. Also got stuff to make split pea soup, including two ham steaks. (Haven't made that in a while.) I hate throwing rotten celery away, so I bought a little bag of celery sticks. They won't go to waste. (But it's probably cheaper to buy the regular celery and let it rot.)

Was glad to try out the WiFi. I'd never used that before. The strength of the signal was "very low," however, and I wasn't able to download certain stuff. (Above is the Starbucks WiFi screen on Firefox.) (The date is wrong--I thought I changed it.)

Eventually I did figure it all out and no longer needed help from the baristas.

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