Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday evening

I haven't made it to the store yet. I did have a bowl of tortilla soup and a beef burrito at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. The soup was supposed to have chicken in it, but I didn't come across any. Also, the burrito wasn't as good as the last two times I've had it. Way too much lettuce this time and not enough of the good stuff. It was really hot outside, even sitting under cover.

Went by B.'s restaurant with my camera to show him some recent shots of his cat (Bootsy), etc. and sit in the air conditioning. Had a cup of coffee there and talked about the shoulder, the water problem, etc. This was around 5:00 and there were hardly any customers (2 tables). He offered me a dessert but I declined (they had enormous Napoleons, fresh fruit tarts and chocolate mousse cake). I noticed he was wearing a silver wedding band on his left hand. I'd never seen that before--and I think I would notice something like that. Oh well. He used to have a nice gold one.

After that cup of coffee, the weather got nicer (i.e., it clouded over and cooled down), so I walked down to Starbucks and had another cup and finished off the Parsi story. Very interesting. Then I came home and had to get an upgrade from Magic Jack, since I was getting an error. All of their technical support is done by chat, and it's excellent. Today I was chatting with "Bradley" (they all have nice English names but they're probably chatting from Mumbai).

Right now is a good time to go to the store (dinner time).

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