Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wealthy, Healthy George Will Pretends America’s Health Care System Is Just Fine

From Oxdown Gazette here (includes video).

George Will has decided to bring his and WaPo's destroyed credibility on climate change and arctic ice melting to the health care reform debate. You see, the wealthy, healthy, fully covered George Will has concluded that there's nothing fundamentally wrong with America's wonderfully competitive health care system.

Will apparently believes the current system isn't broken, even though the industry itself admits it is and is scrambling to offer "reforms" to avoid more radical changes. Will adds that if there are minor tweaks that might be helpful, the best way to do that is to make sure government does not force the private insurance system to compete with a public option.

Above all, Will pleads, save us from a government-sponsored health option, even though varieties of successful public health systems exist all over the world, providing universal coverage, equal and/or often better care than the US system and costing only half to (at worst) two thirds of what America pays.

Will fears that if people had the choice of a public plan, they'd choose it because its cost structure is inherently more efficient. In Will's contorted philosophy, that's not fair competition, so the solution is to deny that choice to protect the inefficient. . . .

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