Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday night

Slept most of the day and then walked down to Flanigan's for dinner. Had three appetizers: Steak House Soup, dolphin fingers and mozzarella sticks (took some home). And a large lemonade. The dolphin fingers were the best ever.

B. usually has Mondays off and often I see the BF's vehicle parked in the handicapped space at Flanigan's as I'm coming home from work on the bus. (So they party there on Monday nights.) They weren't there tonight, however, which was probably just as well. I only went for the food, and I was hungry. Dolphin (mahi-mahi) is their specialty.

I still find it bizarre that you can't cut and paste with Internet Explorer 8. There must be a way around it but it was easier just to download Firefox. Read a recent review of Firefox here.

I just downloaded the logo from the Internet, and Firefox (quickly) scanned it first for any security threats. Also, I love Firefox's built-in spellchecker.

I have to say: My computer is running great now. And faster than ever.

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