Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday night

The plumbing inspector is supposed to be here first thing in the a.m. (after 8:00). I'm a little nervous about that. I was going to cook stuff tonight but wanted to leave the kitchen neat for tomorrow. (If I dirty pots, usually I let them soak in the sink overnight and then transfer them to the dishwasher.) Tonight for dinner I had an Angus Third Pounder with bacon and cheese at McDonald's. Pretty good. I also got a couple double Quarter Pounders to take to work. (Quarter Pounders are a better deal pound-wise, but they don't have bacon.)

I hope I'm gone by the time the plumbing inspector comes. The inspectors make me nervous.

I hid the Acer, since there will be strangers here tomorrow. That would be an easy thing to grab. I once had some jewelry stolen by workers. (Not here.)

Watching a Discovery program on the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Terrifying. (It struck in the Gulf of Mexico.) (I knew that.) Hope I don't have bad dreams tonight.

Now watching a new "Renovation Realities," one of my favorites on HGTV. "The Stagers" is on next, my new favorite. (A repeat but still good.)

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