Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday night

The weather today was completely different. It's actually pleasant outside right now, and I was going to go over to Starbucks for a Wild Sweet Orange tea with honey (to soothe my throat), but the outside lights were out all over the shopping center and it would have been impossible to read. I wasn't going to sit there in the dark like an idiot. (And here I was "all dressed up.")

Madeleine Albright on Rachel Maddow says Obama is doing everything right about Iran. I believe her.

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave the house for the bus stop, a monster thunderstorm was passing through at 35-40 mph. The local news said to wait till 9:15 before venturing out of the house. Meanwhile I put on my waterproof hiking boots and got out a light jacket. When I got downstairs, I could see I wouldn't be able to make it across U.S. 1 to the bus stop without getting drenched (umbrella would definitely have malfunctioned and probably my boots, too). So I decided to wait in the porte-cochere until it slacked off some. I missed my regular bus--I saw it barrelling down the road, empty (it appeared). I caught the next bus and arrived 18 minutes late.

My cold is not getting any worse. I think it is what it's going to be, mostly an annoyance.

Yesterday I never heard back from Home Depot's general contractor about a plumbing inspector coming through today and figured the inspection was postponed. So I was surprised when I got to work and had a phone message from the City saying the inspector would be coming today before 4:00, and if that wasn't convenient to call them back before 2:30. To make a long story short, we were all ready for him, but he never showed. Just as well since I had a few dirty dishes sitting in the sink (which I've since put in the dishwasher after emptying that).

I almost missed a new "Stagers" tonight. It's one with the mother and daughter. Good but I like the ones with Matthew better.

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