Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Went over to Starbucks with the netbook. Well, I won't even bother taking it back over there in the daytime, i.e., if I want to sit outside. It's too bright outside to be able to make out what's on the screen. (I practically had to put it under the table to see what was on it.)

As far as the WiFi goes, I talked to one of the baristas (a male) and he explained how that works. First I had to buy a Starbucks card ($5 minimum), then come back home and register the card on the Starbucks website, then sign up for the WiFi through AT&T and create a login and password. (You need the login and password to get on the WiFi.) I'll go back there tonight and see if I can get on (even though the barista said it takes 24 hours for the registration to process). I already received a confirmation email from AT&T. I've never used WiFi before.

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