Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday night

I was reading an article about Nora Ephron and learned that she's coming out with a movie about Julia Child, starring Meryl Streep. I hadn't heard about it. Below is a segment from ET (from April). Why am I always the last to know? I'm a big fan of Julia Child's and even have the cookbook based on her TV shows. I use it to make, among other things, hollandaise and béarnaise sauces. One Christmas I made a yule log cake (Bûche de Noël) with my first ex at my parents' house, complete with meringue mushrooms and green spun-sugar moss. I've also made her Crêpes Suzette and Chocolate Soufflé (both out of this world). Not to mention some excellent savory dishes, like Orange Duck and Coq au Vin. I also had one volume of her "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" which I never used. I think it was on baking cakes, etc., which I rarely do.

I had today off and didn't do much. Had two cups of coffee at Starbucks just as a violent thunderstorm passed through. Sat outside but was able to stay dry for the most part. Ordered a pizza for dinner from a nearby pizza joint. Was very good but I still prefer Bari (by old Sugars). Still, I would order from this place again (it's a short walk over there, so I didn't have to tip a delivery person). The hunky young pizza maker looked very Italian and even took pride in opening the box to show me my beautiful pizza before I took it home. I was impressed.

As you can see, I ate almost half of it (I was hungry--the pizza took 45 minutes from the time I called, and I'd been hungry then). It was a medium-sized meat lover's pizza. The rest I wrapped in foil and put in the fridge for the weekend.

Went to the gym tonight, as I normally do on Fridays, then had a Zen tea back at Starbucks. Later did some laundry. Ho-hum.

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