Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday night

Was back at Starbucks after nap, gym, store, fried chicken and cherries. No one was sitting outside. I guess it's too hot and muggy for most (including me). I had a quick tea and read a bit. When I was crossing the side street back to my place, after 11:00, I saw B. sitting in the intersection in the black Hummer, heading home after work.

Definitely need to do laundry this weekend. Maybe I'll do the living room floor, too.

[Later] I've just spent hours trying to track down my first ex. Sent a couple of emails to some possible candidates. He used to own a house in Miami-Dade County but his name is no longer on the property rolls. He could have retired somewhere or something. (He was much older!) Two people who have found me on Facebook know me from when he and I were together way back when, and both have mentioned him. One of them was his student in Montana and the other his employer in Miami.

I met him in Tallahassee when we were both students--he was studying for his Ph.D. in humanities and I was studying for my B.A. At the time, he was a Catholic priest but we were both raised as Methodists. He ended up quitting the priesthood after they threatened to re-program him on account of his suspected homosexuality. A very long story. But he ended up embracing his God-given (if you will) tendencies. Everybody deserves love. He'd become pretty much an atheist, anyway. The last thing I knew, he was working for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (we had split up by then, alas). Life is weird.

Bootsy has been waking me up early in the morning ever since I rearranged the furniture in the bedroom (and he has learned how to jump up on the bed). If he does it again tomorrow, I'm going to swat him with a magazine. I'm over it. He derives no benefit from this behavior, since I don't get up and feed him, for example. I chase him out of the room and close the door and go back to bed. He's got to stop it. He's an old cat and getting cantankerous, I guess. But he's met his match. Cats don't take to persuasion the way dogs do, so if this perists, both cats will be excluded from the bedroom at my bedtime (and Lucky will suffer, since he's not a problem in this regard).

(Tonight, since I need some uninterrupted rest, I'll close the cats out of the bedroom.)

Meanwhile, I'll pamper Bootsy tomorrow--give him a bath. He doesn't like the bath but feels good afterwards.

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