Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday night later

[Back at home.] Tonight before my session at Starbucks, I went to Chicken Kitchen again and ordered a Caesar Wrap. (The last time, I ordered a Mexican pita pocket and the thing fell apart.) I figured the wrap would hold the ingredients better. So what do they put my "wrap" in? A pita pocket! I was going to say something but just decided to see if I'd have better luck this time. It was much worse. The whole thing fell apart almost immediately. So I sat there eating chopped chicken and romaine lettuce off the paper wrapper with a soup spoon, Caesar dressing on the side. I ate the rest of the pita bread afterwards. Wasn't going to waste it.

Will call my friend in Canada. He got a new computer this week. No answer.

I was going to do some stuff around here today (I did water plants) but I had to go to Home Depot and talk to the designer about the toe plates, which have absorbed liquid and become discolored from my cleaning the floor. (They're made out of flimsy fiberboard.) I took her a sample of the material the contractor used. She said that was standard. I just wanted to know. I can repair it myself. She suggested putting some real wood down, and we checked out moldings. They have them there--wood, pre-primed, not expensive. Meanwhile I'll paint the toe kicks with white kitchen ceiling paint when I get around to finishing everything off.

While I was out, I stopped by Office Max for some printer ink and and then by Radio Shack (in the same mall, next to Home Depot) to get the mouse for the netbook computer. I love the mouse. The touch pad was horrible. As one reviewer wrote in Consumer Reports: "Make sure to get a mouse. The touchpad is almost unusable." I concur.

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