Sunday, July 12, 2009


Lucky's favorite playthings are the feathered plush balls that he's chewed the feathers off of. Lately I've noticed these have gone missing (so he plays with some other balls). I've looked around for them but haven't seen them. Tonight I looked behind a dresser in the bedroom and found five of them. (Obviously he can't get at them when they go behind this dresser.) He was standing right there where I retrieved them, one by one, and threw them in his direction. He acted amazed. Just now, a while later, he brought one to me to play fetch with (he only plays fetch with these). So that's what we've been doing, playing fetch.

About time to go to bed. Cat boxes are cleaned.

When I go on vacation, the cats will be roughing it somewhat. My neighbor will not be coming here three times a day to open cans of cat food. The cats waste canned food like crazy. They'll have to deal with it. I had amped up the canned food when Lucy got sick, and then after she died and Lucky came along, I kept it up since Lucky was still growing (and Bootsy was used to it). I think Lucky's grown now and Bootsy meanwhile has gotten fat and should lose weight on account of his kidney problems (the vet said).

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