Friday, July 03, 2009


Watching on MSNBC the Michael Jackson documentary of several years ago by Martin Bashir, which I'd never seen before in full.

I really like Michael Jackson, but I still believe he did molest the kids and was doing drugs (even more so after seeing the documentary in full). Veteran drug users know how to use drugs and act normal. That's their challenge and, if they're smart, they become masters at it (but they do slip at times). The point is to control the drugs rather than have the drugs control you. (I've lived with the situation.) Of course, there are health risks involved. And your life largely revolves around getting and doing the drugs and maintaining the facade of normalcy. So you're leading a secret life, doing possibly illegal things, which to them is kind of a thrill, also an important factor in the whole scenario. (Perhaps like the thrill in having prohibited sex with minors.) I think, however, that the drugs (and maybe also liquor) were responsible for impairing Michael's judgment and led to the molestation, but of course that's no excuse. I just feel bad for the kids, who were coerced into it. These kids had to share Michael's bed at Neverland (large as it was). And his bedroom was a security fortress.

See here.

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