Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday evening

Got cleaned up and went over to B.'s place of business with my new computer. He served me fresh coffee. Demonstrated the computer (including new cat pictures) and told him about my plans to go to Savannah. He asked who I was going with. He then joked around with the others that I was taking him. Still wearing the silver wedding band. I stayed a while and left as the dinner crowd was starting to trickle in. He told me someone had stolen the safe from the office last night (an inside job, he said, since a key was used to get in.) (There was $8 in the safe.) I could have sat there and had a deal on dinner but I went to the Jumbo Chinese Buffet instead (OK). Really hot and humid outside today.

B. said his mother retired and moved with her BF to a >65 retirement apartment building in N. Miami-Dade. He helped move her.

I think I'll head over to Starbucks for more coffee. Let's see how motivated I get to start my chores in the bedroom.

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