Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday night

Got some things done, got some rest today. Bathed Bootsy. Dried him off with a towel and blow-dryer and let him finish the job with his tongue, since he was complaining throughout the whole process and couldn't wait to get out of the bathroom. (But he doesn't hold it against me.) Will treat his ears tomorrow--they're doing very well. Also ordered some more ointment online (cheaper than at the vet's even with $4+ shipping for the $10 tube). Watching "Design Star" now.

I guess they canned the right person on "Design Star" tonight. (I think I would have canned the other one.) "Real Estate Intervention" is very good.

Tonight I thoroughly cleaned out the cat box closet. I hadn't cleaned it out since the flooding a while back from the hot water heater leak (caused by the water pressure fluctuations in the building when they were installing a new pump). At that time I covered the floor with a beach towel since the floor was damp. Tonight I replaced the beach towel with a piece of plastic drop cloth which I taped to the walls. There was about $8 worth of cat litter on the floor, which I saved in a plastic garbage bag. (Lucky shovels it out of the boxes--so lately I've been keeping the kitty litter level lower.) (Say that ten times fast.)

Bootsy is really fat. (I could really tell when I was bathing him.) It's best that I cut down on the canned food. And Lucky is grown now.

I didn't leave my apartment all day long, except to throw garbage down the chute in the hall and go out on the terrace to water the plants. Actually, this is probably a good sign that I'm comfortable being alone here (with the cats). Normally I would get cleaned up and high-tail it over to Starbucks. Today I made my own coffee.

This weekend I decided to write a non-fiction story about my own experience with prescription drug addiction (i.e., for the most part, about B.). I think the topic is timely and my story would be a "good read" and even helpful to people. I have loads of notes. Of course I would change all the names (including mine). This seems to be a pretty big social problem these days (look at what happened to Michael Jackson). This problem has consumed a good chunk of my life (and Lord knows I love to write). I don't see a lot of stories about it -- and I read pretty widely -- but it must be affecting other people's lives and relationships.

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