Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday night at Starbucks

On the WiFi with the Acer and a new Logitech cordless optical mouse I got today. What an improvement over the stupid touch pad!

I got it at Radio Shack, where I bought the netbook, and it was the last one. When I got it home, I noticed the packaging had already been opened and carefully sealed back up with tape. I also noticed a battery was already installed. To make a long story short, the mouse wouldn't work. I did everything the troubleshooting program said, including putting in a fresh battery. The instructions said that when all else failed, send them a detailed email, including model number, part number, serial number, etc. Meanwhile I'm doing all this with the damned touch pad. Finally, when I was ready to send the email, it wouldn't send. I was about ready to pack it all back up and return it to Radio Shack when I tried putting the battery in "backwards." It immediately lit up and briskly went about its business.

The mouse transmits to a receiver that plugs into a USB port. When you've finished using the mouse, you remove the receiver from the port and attach it to the bottom of the mouse (which also turns the mouse off). Found this review here. It's a good one.

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