Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday night

Talked for an hour with my friend in Quebec. His computer died on Thursday and he has to buy a new one. (It's been on life support for a while already.) Tomorrow he's getting a Acer desktop with a 22" monitor at WalMart.

Watching a new "Renovation Realities" now.

Was good. I find this show highly entertaining, maybe because of what I've been through with this simple kitchen renovation (which has been dragging on for well over a year). Heavy on irony.

Tonight I ordered a 128 MB memory card for my digital camera, since I want to use it in Savannah. I no longer own a regular SLR camera, and the digital takes much better pictures than do the recyclable ones I've been using on vacations past. I should be able to take a lot of pictures with 128 MB. (It originally came with an 8 MB card--enough for about 30 photos.)

The price of cigarettes in Florida has doubled over the last couple of months. A good motivation to cut down or quit. I'd like to quit just to spite the government for making so much money off me (I'm not rich). Most people who smoke are not rich, so why not tax the rich if the government needs money so badly? The rich won't be pinched. The fact that the government says it's promoting public health while at the same time depending on this income from smokers is I think hypocritical and morally questionable. But I guess they hope people won't notice, since everybody agrees smoking is bad. (And I certainly don't promote smoking.)

Maybe to get more revenue, we should tax fat people as well (and the U.S. is one of the fattest societies on Earth). Their lifestyle is as unhealthy as, if not worse than, that of smokers. (Fat killed my mother at age 59.) Maybe we should put a big tax on ice cream and French fries and calorie-laden soft drinks. Outlaw super-sizing. Tax cheese. Tax doughnuts. Tax pasta...

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