Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday night

This wrangling over the public option is giving me high blood pressure. Actually that's not true. I ran out of high blood pressure pills. (Last night and the night before last, I took half the last pill.) My doctor's office said they were calling the prescription in to Medco over a week ago and (according to them) I should have received the prescription by now. I'd even asked about getting a small emergency prescription to tide me over, but the pharmacy person assured me that Medco would get them to me right away and that an emergency prescription wouldn't be necessary.

Medco is usually very fast. I guess someone dropped the ball. I should have acted sooner myself in making sure I got the new pills before the old ones ran out. The prescription had to be re-approved by the doctor, however--I had no more automatic refills--which bogged the process down.

I hope to get the pills tomorrow or the next day at the very latest.

My doctor, by the way, hates the insurance companies, but that's neither here nor there.

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