Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday evening

Stew is cooking now.

"60 Minutes" is not new, even though the program info says so. It always says it's new, even though it may not be.

Along with baby carrots in a bag, I used some tiny potatoes for this stew: Green Giant Klondike Gourmet Red-Yellow Fleshed Potatoes and Melissa's Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes ("No Butter Required"). Along with a stalk of chopped celery, they cook separately from the meat and are added to it during its last 15 minutes of cooking. I think what gives this recipe its great flavor is a few cloves and sherry wine. Also, the meat cooks in beef broth and tomato sauce, etc. My mother made great beef stew, but it wasn't this recipe (even though "Joy of Cooking" was her main cookbook). I was never really good at beef stew until I discovered this recipe. (I'd add a lot of Heinz 57 sauce to it, which was good but not cheap.) I've also adapted this recipe to the crockpot.

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