Sunday, July 05, 2009

What's up with Sarah Palin?

I'd like to know. See Deacon Blues here. (See here too.)

The national media is falling all over itself in their coverage of Sarah Palin’s abrupt abandonment of her job, without ever stating the obvious. She’s an unstable less-than-one term nobody, a politician drunk on her own delusions of national stature, with no record of political accomplishment and sagging approval ratings and prospects, and yet she still gets credited by these same national scribes as leaving to get a head start on 2012? Seriously? She’s leaving because she’s about to get taken down, you idiots, and yet you are so starry- eyed over her heels and tight-fitting clothes that you maintain this fiction that she’s a national political presence. No, she’s a quitter in pumps with a book deal, who rose to her level of incompetence on the national stage right before our eyes in real time. And for Pat Buchanan to mention her in the same sentence as Richard Nixon does a great disservice – to Nixon.

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Media Mentions said...

Well, now that she's back in the mainstream, it looks like she has some big plans: