Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday night - Food mostly

Bought another big bag of those plump sweet cherries at Publix tonight. They're on sale for $1.99/lb., for a saving of $5/lb. Tonight, on a 2.91-lb. bag of cherries I saved $14.65!

Had no time to go to the gym last night, but will be back tomorrow. The Swiss Steak was delicious, by the way. I would have cooked the night before and gone to the gym last night, but I didn't want to make any mess in the kitchen before the inspector came yesterday morning. (Passed final inspection!) It's going to take some time getting used to the fact that I'm back in control of the kitchen (and my life, generally) and won't have people coming in and me having to wait for them and hope they show up, etc., etc. This simple kitchen remodeling project has been dragging on for well over a year.

That Swiss Steak actually turned out more Italian (but there is an Italian area of Switzerland). I added some Locatelli Romano cheese and sprinkled dried basil on top. I'll make that again. I did it on top of the stove in a large frying pan. It was very simple and turned out great. Had it for lunch today with a can of peas and carrots (OK). I'll have it again tomorrow with a can of Southwestern-style corn or collard greens.

Work is going well this week. Tomorrow's Friday--yea!

I've got the cats down to two cans of cat food a day (plus dried). That's what they're going to be getting when my neighbor comes in to feed them while I'm on vacation. This will be more healthy for Bootsy, who's pretty heavy and lumbers around. (The vet said that if he lost some weight, he'd have less stress on his kidneys.) As I've mentioned, I only amped up the canned food when Lucy got sick and was losing interest in food. And then when Lucy died and Lucky came along, I kept that up since I wanted Lucky to grow up "big and strong." He's grown now. He'll be two years old this fall (he's been here a year). He's not big but he's strong and very fast and has a long tail. Meanwhile, Bootsy has become big and fat.

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