Sunday, July 05, 2009


Just got an email back from my neighbor. He'll be able to look after the cats in September. So tomorrow I'll firm up the vacation plans.

Now I'll have to make sure the apartment is nice and clean before he comes in here to feed the cats. Doesn't seem like such a daunting task now. :-) There's really not that much work to do. My bedroom floor needs the most attention (lots of cat hair). Before the flooding a few weeks ago, it was the "computer room" floor. I don't do floors gladly, but I had to vacuum up water in the computer room and then clean every inch of the floor, which it needed anyway.

Since B. left, I've had hardly any company here except for Home Depot contractors and inspectors, and the kitchen has always been clean for them (and the living room's OK--I gave that a deep cleaning after the kitchen cabinets were finally removed from the living room and installed in the kitchen). And nobody's been in my bedroom except the plumber, when he checked out something in the bathroom there. True confessions, alas.

The cats will be fine. I should be leaving on a Monday and coming back on Friday, so I'll be spending only four nights away. I'll leave extra cat litter down so my neighbor doesn't have to deal with the cat boxes and Bootsy's kidney problem.

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