Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday night

Was up early this a.m., then worked late, then no nap. Tired.

Playing fetch with Lucky.

OK, I'm Michael Jacksoned and Sonia Sotomayored out. Back to HGTV.

Had a light dinner of cherries ($2.49/lb.) and liverwurst on sea salt melba rounds. The cherries are outrageously cheap and this last bag is delicious--plump and sweet. The previous bag was not so plump and a bit sour. I know, liverwurst is full of fat and cholesterol, but I only buy it a few times a year. (The Jones Braunschweiger was on sale.)

I'm so glad Home Depot is almost done in here. Just two more incursions into my home.

Watching one of the shows where people get "subprime loans" to buy their houses (this one from 2007). No down payment. These loan terms used to surprise me, since I scraped to put 20% down.

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