Sunday, July 19, 2009


Glad I got that major chore done. Now I just have to fine-tune everything.

It did cool down, right as I was going to Starbucks--a storm front was coming through. The rain was just starting, so I ran back upstairs to get an umbrella (took the elevator, actually). I sat in a dry spot outside reading magazines as the bottom dropped out of the sky. By the time I'd finished two cups of coffee, it was all over but still overcast and relatively cool. So today it went from the mid-90s to the upper 70s (?) in a matter of minutes. Loved it.

Kind of a drab room, but comfortable. Except for the blue "accent wall," the walls haven't been painted since I moved here. That's B.'s scavenged chair (one of two) by the window, which is fitted with a floor-to-ceiling light-blocking shade, plus I keep the hurricane shutters closed on that window. I like it dark as a cave. I had to buy all-new window treatments when I moved here. For months I had old shower curtains covering this window.

Now, if I have the bedroom door open, the morning light from the edge of the slider in the living room will hit the blue wall and be absorbed, rather than hit me in the face and wake me up. Also I won't have to deal with the evening light if I'm taking a nap in the summertime. For a caveman, this was a smart move. I should have done it a while back.

I trust Bootsy will see that I've got the furniture arranged so he can gradually jump from piece to piece (as he learned on his own before) to get on and off the bed. (The old bed sat lower, and Bootsy was younger and lighter. He would spring right up on it.)

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