Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday night

After work, I drove down to Home Depot to return an unopened box of cabinet trim left over from the kitchen remodel. That'll be credited to my account. I wanted to return it when the kitchen designer was there so she could process it. (It's been sitting on my living room floor for months.) I also showed her a couple of pictures I'd taken of the irregular sealing job around the sink and a crooked piece of filler wood that the dishwasher door has been catching on. One more thing I forgot to tell her about--the kickplates are made of some kind of cardboard and have become stained from soaking up liquid when I've washed the floor. I would think these should be rubber or plastic. (I guess they can be painted, but why should I have to do that?) I'll tell her about that tomorrow. There aren't a lot of these and I think they could be easily replaced or just have rubber ones glued over them. We'll see what she says.

Tonight I sauteed 1 3/4 lbs. of chicken livers in butter and olive oil with chopped onions and a little white wine (vermouth, actually, which is what I usually use for cooking--learned that from Julia Child). Came out great. Had some for dinner and will take the rest to work tomorrow. These only cost $1.59/lb. (vs. $4 for hamburger) and have to be better for you. Well, I looked them up here. They're very high in cholesterol (but it doesn't say which kinds). But my doctor says I don't have a cholesterol problem since I have a high level of good cholesterol.

Watching a little of Michael Jackson's memorial service. Very nicely done. But enough for me. Watching "The Stagers" now.

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