Saturday, July 18, 2009


Watching "Property Virgins" on HGTV. This is one of my favorite shows on that channel. Sandra Rinomato goes everywhere helping first-time property buyers, from Toronto to Miami and places in between. (It's one of the many excellent Canadian shows on HGTV, including "The Stagers" and "Divine Design.")

I'm really glad I found the Paint.Net software for the netbook. That'll do just fine. I'll have to check it out further too see what other Photoshop-type features it has.

Getting used to typing on the smaller netbook. Actually, my fingers fit normally above the letters on the keyboard, but all the other keys are crammed in all around. (It's 10.1" wide.) (The keyboard for my desktop is 18.5" across.)

Today I returned the 128 MB memory card for the digital camera (barely had time to do that at work today, but I was using the packaging it came in, as instructed). Monday I'm expecting the Olympus memory card from Amazon to arrive at work. Hope it works.

Switched to "What Not To Wear." Always good.

Blogger acts almost the same with Firefox as it did with the previous version of Internet Explorer I'd been using. Just as well, if not better. I just have to change some formatting when I create indented paragraphs, which I didn't have to do before. But Firefox doesn't strip out formatting (italics and bold, e.g.), as the old Explorer did. I would then have to go back and reformat the text. So, on balance, I'm probably doing less work with Firefox.


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