Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Kept myself in bed past noon (I was up last night till after 3:00). I usually always go to the gym on Friday nights--it's almost a pleasure, since there are so few people there--and figure my body needs a good long sleep to repair. (And Bootsy was outside the bedroom so he couldn't wake me up.)

Had two cups of coffee over at Starbucks. It was raining lightly when I walked over there, at around 3:30. The sky remains overcast, so no hot sun beating down. There was quite a lively crowd over there, taking advantage of this weather. We had a thunderstorm while I was still in bed.

Was reading an article about the new director at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas Campbell, whose specialty is tapestries. (The one above hangs in the Met.) His favorite piece at the Met is "The Harvesters" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (below). "It's a timeless image, an affectionate but critical eye on humanity," Campbell said.

Washing a load of dishes and two loads of clothes, rugs, etc. now. When the dishes are clean, I'll make chili. Haven't made that in a while, and lean ground beef was on sale yesterday. I'll be glad to get the laundry out of the way. I usually do in on Sunday nights and tomorrow night I don't want to be in a crunch, since I'm watching "Design Star" at 9:00.

(Interesting that "Pieter" and "Bruegel" are in the spellchecker but not "Obama". Shouldn't they update that?)

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