Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday night

I went over to Starbucks and couldn't get on the WiFi. Maybe I wasn't sitting close enough to the building, or maybe the breeze was too brisk. Who knows?

Just saw one of those healthcare scare ads about how bad healthcare in Canada is and how "world-class" ours is. Don't believe it. This just in from Obama's "Organizing for America":

I'm Patricia, from Hallandale Beach, Florida . . . .

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I'm luckier than many -- I have insurance. But when I had to stop working because of the chemo, I could no longer afford my rapidly increasing health care insurance premiums. I went through my entire retirement savings, then had to start taking out loans from my bank to keep up. Now, with my credit drying up, I'm scared that I'll lose my home and my insurance.

This shouldn't happen in America. A bad diagnosis shouldn't have to mean that everything you've worked so hard to save, and all the plans you've made, are suddenly gone.

So that's why I'm working for real health care reform. Because no one should have to feel the anguish and fear I've felt constantly these last two years. Because this crisis needs to end -- and because I know that will only happen if each of us does our part. . . .

This doesn't happen in Canada, or England, or France, or Germany, or Cuba...

Had somewhat of a rough week but it's almost over. This weekend I'm tackling the bedroom. I have to gather up a lot of stuff to take to Goodwill.

So what to watch tonight... Watching Rachel Maddow now. Now Anderson Cooper. Back to HGTV--"Real Estate Intervention." I've seen this one before but it's good.

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