Saturday, August 08, 2009

Back from barbecue

Hot dog was good too. Will post more photos shortly.

And here they are:

(I know, you see a lot of the Lady in Red with Child.)

The second-to-last photo is a shot of the party pavilion from the window of the computer room here. The last shot is of Lucky up on the terrace. Shortly after I left the party, Lucky fell off the terrace again, but it gave me the opportunity to introduce him to the stragglers at the party. One of the reasons I live here is the cats won't have far to fall if they do fall off the terrace -- this unit is one story above the pool deck. Lucky was dazed but unhurt and didn't mind the attention at the party.

As for other eats, there was a pretty nice variety. We will do this again. I did meet some neighbors I didn't know. The people are very nice here.

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