Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday evening

Back from gym and store. Just warmed up chili for dinner.

Bought some cubed steaks at Publix (on sale) and had one of them later. Made some for work also.

[Later] Watched "Design Star" tonight. Definitely the right person (Torie) was kicked off tonight. She messed up with the money, but Dan also messed up with approving the $10,000, boring gazebo. Couldn't the gazebo have been scaled down once they became aware of the budget problem? We don't know.

Torie also lacks hosting skills (but of course those can be learned, as David Bromstad has demonstrated). But her design abilities aren't strong enough to overcome that deficit. Antonio is an able and talented designer and a strong workhorse, but I don't see him hosting a show on HGTV. He comes across as surly and crude. I like Lonni, but she's the "one-trick pony" with her accent walls, although she very capably designed all the landscaping tonight (including a living accent wall). I predict Dan will win the competition, however. He's been the most creative so far and I think has the charisma necessary to host a show. But we'll have to wait to see what happens.

So looking forward to my vacation next week. The cats won't like it, however. But they'll be OK, I hope.

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