Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday night

I was taken aback tonight when B.'s BF called me (we're not exactly on speaking terms), saying B. was on the Beach all "f----d up" and that he'd call the police if B. showed back up at his place, that B. was no longer allowed to live there. (I told him I didn't want him over here if he was all "f----d up.") That was the first call. During the second call, B. showed back up there. The BF wanted me to talk to B. There was a commotion and the phone went dead. Haven't heard back. Of course I've left out a lot of detail. From what I heard B. saying in the background during the second call, he did sound "f----d up."

(I would have called my friend in Canada but want to keep the phone line open and not use the cell.)

Called my friend in FTL/STL and he said to stay out of it. I plan to. First thing I told the BF was to call B.'s mother. He said he had, and she became upset and started crying. (She recently moved to subsidized housing for the elderly and, from what I understand, B. can't stay there.) The mother, in her wisdom, had moved B. out of here. I didn't kick him out. There was no discussion.

The BF was essentially telling me that, yes, he'd alienated B. from me and he was sorry, but now I could have him back, since as much as the BF has tried to help B., things haven't worked out. At one point, I heard B. in the background saying I was a better person than the BF, or words to that effect--very pointed, actually. I was almost embarrassed to hear it. (I cringed.)

At one point the BF said B. was now "homeless." I then reminded him that B. had to take his pills before bedtime. Now watch them kiss and make up. Or the BF will medicate him, or something. (The BF had told me way back that he'd been a doctor in Cuba, and at one point I suspected was medicating B., or else B. was taking medications he found in his apartment as he was inclined to do, since he'd come home all "f----d up.") (It took me a while to figure this whole scenario out.)

[I know there's too much "at one point" in this post.]

What apparently had riled up the BF was that they'd been to the beach today and the BF perceived that B. was coming on to someone else in front of the BF. What goes around, comes around. The BF had seduced B. in the first place, knowing he was with me. Apparently (according to what the BF said tonight), the BF thought he could be a better partner to B. than I was, but now he's changed his mind. (I know I'm repeating myself somewhat, but it's an important point.) (And then there's so much I'm omitting to keep it brief.)

Oddly enough, the BF said B. could still drive the Hummer, but he just couldn't live at the BF's place anymore.

I think I should take my blood pressure pill now.


My friend in FTL/STL also said what goes around, comes around.

Watching "Design Star" now. They canned Tashica before the judges deliberated. Good. I think she was dragging everyone else down and had little to offer.

Honestly, I'd love to have B. back here -- we had a nice home life together. But he's got to get his priorities in order. Nothing was perfect but there was nothing that couldn't have been improved upon. I do feel bad that he's suffering right now. But maybe that's what he needs.

The gods help those who help themselves.

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