Sunday, August 23, 2009

Late Saturday night

Today was good, despite the fact I got nothing accomplished. But I'm allowed to do that.

Tomorrow I'll go to the gym and the store. I'm out of the cats' favorite cat food (Mariner's Catch).

Had a Sambucca. Maybe I'll have another one.

The Republicans are now saying that for something as big as healthcare, which accounts for 1/6 of the economy, Congress should pass a reform bill with 75-80 Senate votes. (See here.) I don't see why that's necessary. The public has spoken loudly in electing both a Democratic president and significant Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. Plus, according to polls, a majority of the public wants the "public option" in their healthcare reform as well. People may not be all that pleased with the way Obama is going about presenting the reform package (with all the Republican-backed scare tactics in play), but the public approves of Congress much less, and overwhelmingly does not approve of the Republicans' approach on the healthcare issue. Watch this.

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