Sunday, August 02, 2009


Had two cups of coffee over at Starbucks before the sun descended to the point where it would be difficult to find shade. (The Starbucks faces west and thus the setting sun.)

Was reading an article about Judas and came back home to search for a certain "homoerotic" painting of Judas and Jesus by Ludovico Carracci. Didn't find one that was downloadable, but I did find a cat in a sink ("sink monkey"). Look familiar?

(I know there are a lot of cat-in-sink photos out there.)

I'm resting after last night's marathon cleaning session. All that work, and it's hardly noticeable. But I know the floor is clean, and stuff got put away or thrown out.

I'll make some chili (ground round on sale). I also have a roast (bottom round on sale).

Lucky has a very long tail which he uses to pet me. He loves to sit in my lap when I'm here at the computer, as Lucy used to.

By the way, finished the article on Michael Savage. It's almost as if Savage challenged the writer not to write anything negative ("paint" him as "demonic") and won.

Over the years, Savage has noticed that his disdain for the mainstream media is widely reciprocated. He is still annoyed about a 2003 London Times article that suggested he would go down in history as "an apostle of hatred." So when he received an email from a journalist asking for an interview he was deeply suspicious. He read the e-mail on the air -- he kept the writer anonymous, and he didn't mention that the request came from The New Yorker -- and then asked his listeners, "Should I do the interview or not?" . . .

About a week later, Savage revisited the topic -- "my continuing correspondence with a big-shot magazine writer." He quoted the latest exchanges, along with his tart response, in which he asked, "Why must all of you in the extreme media paint everyone you disagree with as demonic? Why is the homosexual agenda so important to the midstream media?" . . .

Why can't people just live and let live? (That's the agenda.)

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