Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday night

Last evening was at the doctor's. Everything is fine. Didn't get home till late--not much time for a nap and wasn't that tired anyway. So I made some tea and answered a long email from an old friend I'd found recently on Facebook. Worked on that for hours. Lots of catching up to do. She lives in NJ now and commutes to work in NYC. I told her I'd plan a New York vacation and pay her and her family a visit. I haven't been to New York in years and would like to spend some time in the museums. I've done all the regular touristy stuff there. My friend grew up here in South Florida; her parents and my parents had been friends.

Keith Olbermann is back on Countdown. I can't stand listening to his rant, especially when I'm trying to relax at night. Same goes with Chris Matthews. I'd rather watch Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow these days. Or watch something completely different. ("My Big Amazing Renovation" is next.)

Was back at the gym tonight. Barring something unforeseen, no more medical stuff for a while.

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