Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday night late

I really enjoyed going to the gym today. I hadn't been there on a Saturday in a long time. Not that I actually enjoy the gym, but that going today was good. (There's a distinction.) It gave me a lift. Today I did my all-time least favorite exercise (among others less objectionable) -- leg curls. I still hated it. I only went today because I didn't go last night. I might go on Saturdays from now on, unless I have a big project (or something) on a Saturday and can't go. Friday nights the place is almost empty however, which I like. It was kind of busy in there today (at around 5:30). It closes at 7:00 on Saturdays and Sundays now. (It used to close at 8:00, but now it's open 24 hours Mon. thru Thurs., which doesn't benefit me.) (I used to go on Sundays at 7:00 when they closed at 8:00, which suited me.) The gym routine can become extremely monotonous for me, so I'm always open to varying it. (My second least favorite exercise is a type of arm curl machine. I can't find a picture of it.)

I felt great today after the gym and did a really good job shopping. Usually I feel a little lethargic on Saturdays, maybe from going to the gym the night before (and a hold-over "free-floating anxiety" from B.'s departure). (Saturdays were the worst day after he left.) Maybe I'm getting over stuff. It kind of perked me up when last Sunday I heard B. saying good things about me in his argument with the BF, even though they were both drunk and perhaps on drugs. There's something to be said for "in vino veritas."

I think it's overrated, however. People say and do so many unwise things when they've had too much. B.'s probably happier with this guy (even if he may be a drug dealer) than he was with me. The presumptive drug dealer is certainly a better companion if he doesn't "work" in the traditional sense. I always had to go to work in the morning, while B. works at night. We didn't see enough of each other. That was a huge part of the problem. Meanwhile he let himself bond with this person rather than finding something more constructive to do. He's in some kind of predicament now, I guess.

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