Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday night

Watching "Real Estate Intervention," one of my new favorite shows. This is supposed to be a new one but I've seen it already.

This week there was a lot of pork on sale at Publix. Tonight I bought inch-thick boneless pork chops and sirloin cutlets. Baked the pork chops with Shake 'n' Bake (Original Pork). Came out excellent. Really juicy.

Little things are breaking down here, right before my vacation. (I'll address these after the vacation.) Last night the ice machine broke. That may be under warranty (I'll have to check). Buying ice is no big deal, but still... Also, the handle that regulates the hot and cold water for the bathtub (where I was showering) is broken. (It's hot water only now.) So I've been showering in the shower stall back in the other bathroom. And I already told you about the toilet.

I can't put up with Chris Matthews tonight. Also, I don't like the term "liberal Democrat." I prefer "true Democrat" or "Patriot."

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