Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday night

Had a dentist appointment at the end of the day, so left work a little early after taking my Valium (and brushing my teeth). The dentist and I (we're the same age and stomped in the same neighborhoods as kids) talked about my going to Savannah. He's been there. Had two bondings, which entail novocaine and drilling.

Before getting on the bus home, walked over to nearby Checkers and ordered three chili cheese dogs. Ate two at a table outside Checkers, feeding bread to an old, partially crippled pigeon, which he ate, chili and all. (I guess he'd had enough after a while, since he flew away.) I meant to order the chili dogs without cheese, since the squirt of cheese doesn't add much to the experience and costs 50 cents more per hot dog. Still, three dogs came to $5 plus change. Very tasty if not very healthy, but I don't eat them often. (They're served with fresh, chopped red onion, by the way.)

Dozed on the bus--I was almost falling asleep in the dental chair, waiting. I don't do Valium often and it makes me drowsy. Fortunately I woke up on the bus a few blocks before my stop. Then took a nap here. I probably could have slept through the night but I had the alarm set to 9:00. I then took the netbook over to Starbucks and thought I might write emails. But it was too muggy and noisy over there, so I drank my green tea quickly and came back home to sit in the A/C. The WiFi was working flawlessly.

Have a doctor's appointment tomorrow also at the end of the day.

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