Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday night late

On Tuesday night when I visited B., I went out on a limb and told him he was welcome back here so long as I could trust him (just to get away from the abuse from the BF). He expressed no interest in that at all. (And here on Sunday night he was yelling to his BF that I was a better person than the BF. In vino veritas?) So now all is back to normal over there, I was assured. Fine. I'd been almost afraid that B. would show up here in a taxi on Sunday night. I really can't deal with that turmoil. The BF doesn't work and B. didn't have to go to work the next day -- but I did.

Bought a load of colorful clothes hangers tonight. More than I will ever need, especially when I'm through donating most of my clothes to Goodwill. I'll also donate all my drab old hangers. No more drab hangers! (I have no more wires ones. I gave the last one to a maintenance man who was fixing the leak on the hot water heater.)

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