Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Lucky ended up waking me up anyway, twice, with his meowing. (And I had to put the cats out of the bedroom twice.) (Maybe he's upset that I closed up his hiding place.) The only reason I let them back in after the first time was that I wanted to have the door open, since the room was getting a little stuffy. I ended up cranking up the A/C and slept well the rest of the morning. (See here.)

[Later] Replaced the A/C filter. It was getting dirty. Just had a 2-egg omelet with ham, bacon and cheese. Yummy. Had eaten a sliced boiled egg on low-fat Triscuits earlier.

Will go to gym later, then grocery shopping. The gym closes at 7:00 on the weekends. I'm making Tamale Pie. A simple recipe made with Chili-O chili seasoning, black olives, canned corn, tomato sauce and ground beef, with yellow cornbread mix on top. Haven't made that in years.

Have to do all kinds of laundry this weekend. (Last night I bought a package of underwear at Target.)

It's a little stormy here today. There's a tropical storm somewhere. I really have to check that out. [Did that.] Tropical Storm Ana is headed right at us.

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