Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday evening

This morning there was a plumbing truck out front, and the maintenance guys here were talking to who appeared to be the plumber. So something did happen last night.

I didn't receive any word today from the Democrats about cancelling my $1/day donations to the healthcare campaign, nor anything from the White House. As Robert Reich wrote today:

I urge you to make it absolutely clear to everyone you know, everyone who cares about universal healthcare and what it will mean to our country, that the bill must contain a real public option. Tell that to your representatives in Congress. Tell that to the White House. If you are receiving piles of e-mails from the Obama e-mail system asking you to click in favor of healthcare, do not do so unless or until you know it has a clear public option. Do not send money unless or until the White House makes clear its support for a public option. . . .

Howard Dean was waxing sanguine about the public option tonight on Keith Olbermann.

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