Saturday, August 29, 2009


Got to work early today. The bus flew right through the bottleneck. Also got home at the usual time.

I'll be glad to get out of town week after next. For one thing, the cats are driving me crazy with their pickiness about their food. Maybe I should stop giving them canned food altogether. (I don't see why not--I'll do some research.) They just get more and more demanding. If the food sits too long, they refuse to eat it and want fresh. (And it's not hot in here.) I've opened two cans of food since I got home from work, and now they expect more. They've hardly touched what they have (they take a few bites and lick the gravy up). I'm over the constant nagging and begging. It really irked me tonight when Bootsy was lying in the kitchen, waiting for more food, when there were 8 paper plates of food sitting all around him (four of which were from tonight). Fortunately, they do eat the dry food. They're going to have to eat more of that.

Anyway, looking forward to getting out of here for four nights.

This weekend I think I'll go see "Julie & Julia." It's playing nearby.

Tonight I found this on "Yahoo! Answers":

My cat loves canned food?

I only started giving my cat canned food once a day but that is all he wants. Every time I go into my room he sits by his bowl and I feel bad so I give him some and then throughout the day I give him so much. He has had diarrhea a couple of times and I feel bad. I want to start weaning him away from it so that I am back to just once a day, any suggestions would be GREAT!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

You are so lucky that your cat loves canned food and is not addicted to dry food! It will be so much better for his health. Any change in a cat's diet should be done gradually to avoid digestive upsets. Unless the canned food is really poor quality like 9-Lives, Special Kitty, or other store brand by-product based food, it is the best diet for your cat and should protect him from many serious health issues such as urinary tract illness, diabetes, obesity, and even kidney failure. Cats need protein and moisture in their diet. They are obligate carivores who naturally get their moisture from the prey they consume. Dry food is dehydrated and contains too many grains and carbs for cats.Try upgrading to a better quality canned food and use it as the staple of his diet. Good quality dry food (meat - not by-products or grain- as the first ingredient on the label ) can be offered for snacking.

I'll do more research. Right now, I'm feeding them Friskies, plus the dry food.

Meanwhile I'm keeping the phones turned off while I'm in bed this weekend. No more disruptions.

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