Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday night

Anthony Bourdain is going to Montana, where I lived for two years, in Helena. Worked in the State Capitol, Office of Public Instruction.

Very nice show, moving even. This guy was on it. Also this guy. (Jim Harrison and Russell Chatham.) The show was done in Livingston.

I'm trying to cut back on the cats' canned food before I go on vacation. I can't have my neighbor coming in three times a day to open cans. They're just going to have to go back to mainly dry food. I feel bad because they sit around begging. But it's best for Bootsy, because he's gotten fat anyway. And when I got Lucky, he'd been eating only dry food. I'd only been putting down more canned food to get Lucy to eat, and then she died. Then Lucky came along and I continued that. Now they're spoiled. My fault. (I know I've said this before.) They're going to have a rude awakening when I'm gone. I'm just trying to get them acclimated. They're very wasteful, anyway. I throw a lot of cat food away--canned and dry. The cats are going to have to clean their plates when I'm gone. It'll be a shock to them. I'm more worried about Lucky, however, since I've never gone on vacation and left him alone since he's been here. And he's a young foster cat and might have abandonment issues. (Bootsy, I think, would be OK. He's been through vacations before.)

I could board the cats at the vet, but I'm afraid that would traumatize them even more. Cats are very attached to their home (unlike dogs so much).

Anyway, I have a lot on my mind, especially with the vacation coming up. And B.'s BF calling here two weeks ago, threatening to call the police on him if he went back to his new home and expecting me to take him back, hasn't helped. It kind of opened up an old wound. And then B.'s old friend from Canada called on Saturday morning (and woke me up).

I just broke down and opened another can of catfood. I'm such a sucker. But they're not allowed in the bedroom tonight. They've been waking me up, too.

Neighbor whose cat I was feeding was back today.

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